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Coming to Bamberg: Prepare Your Travel and Stay

Students of TREFFPUNKT show where they come from...

How far have you got with your travel plans? Are you ready for your trip to Bamberg?

The tips and information on this page will help you to plan your trip and prepare the course with a minimum of effort:

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Most of our students come from Frankfurt airport Frankfurter Rhein-Main-Flughafen and take the train via Würzburg to Bamberg. It is an hourly service as you can see on the online train schedule with one change in the town of Würzburg and a travel time of 2,5 hours.

Arriving at Munich airport Flughafen München or Nurnberg airport Flughafen Nürnberg is also recommendable. The travel time from Munich is 2,5 hours and from Nurnberg 1 hour to Bamberg on train. Alternatively you can book our private taxi pick-up service from the airport.

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The city of Bamberg
The historic university town has been awarded World Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO and is an ideal place to indulge into German also being of the right size. Bamberg is also one of the most popular travel destinations for Germans and holds the title "Dream City of the Germans". You will find some fotos on our Bamberg page or you surf directly to the official home page of the city of Bamberg:


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Leisure activities
A chance to converse, to meet, to experience new places, to keep fit and to relax.
Each Monday you will receive a new programme with tips and suggestions of what to do over the week with or without your teacher.


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Tips from former students
By now you probably have a pile of travel information but if you are interested in some personal tips and impressions we recommend that you read our students' opinion on

Note: The comments are by students who participated in our General German Courses and in Business German.



Course preparation
A thorough preparation of your course will ensure a good training result. Try to answer the following questions and decide then in favour of a school and a course programme.
  • Awareness of your personal aims and objectives: What do you want to learn and at what pace?
  • Personal motivation: How many lessons of German instruction per day make sense? How much time should I reserved to indulge into the German way of life?
  • Type and length of the course: Group courses - do the aims of the course match my objectives? One-to-One tuition - does the programme meet my needs regarding duration of course and lessons per day? Is a combination of group and one-to-one instruction the best for me?
  • Attractive city: What does the city offer, it is big enough to cater for different interests? Is it a safe place at all hours? Can I walk from my accommodation to the school?

You will find further tips and hits to prepare a language course abroad on our web page - in English and German.
If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us at

At our meeting point on the Obere Bruecke in Bamberg


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