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The table below provides an overview of all German courses in our Home Tuition Program. There are currently seven courses available, with the German & LIFESTYLE course encompassing a range of options. All courses consist of one-to-one lessons in the morning, while the afternoons differ in focus, e.g. interview training, additional language lessons, training in pronunciation or a German & LIFESTYLE course. See descriptions of each course and corresponding prices by clicking on the relevant course title. You are also welcome to call us or watch the video.

Courses for adults

Course No. Course topics Lessons per week
1 General German 20*45 min.
2 German for Business 28/30/32/34/36/38 *45 min.
3 Exam Courses 26/28/30 *45 min.
4 German + Job Search
4.1    German + Job Applications 20+8 *45 min.
4.2    German + Interview Training 20+8 *45 min.
5 German + Pronunciation Training 20+5 *45 min.
6 Crash Course 22 *45 min. – 4 days
7.1    German & COOKING 20+10 *45 min.
7.2    German & BEER 20+10 *45 min.
7.3    German & WINE 20+10 *45 min.
7.4    German & MOUNTAIN BIKING 20+10 *45 min.
7.5    German & GOLF 20+10 *45 min.
7.6    German & WALKING  20+10 *45 min.
7.7    German & WELLNESS 20+10 *45 min.


The courses run for a minimum of one week from Sunday to Saturday. The crash course lasts 4 days, you can choose which days suit you best. Take advantage of the opportunity to combine weekly courses, e.g. a General German course in your first week and a LIFESTYLE course German & COOKING in your second week.

Courses for youth

Course No. Course topics Lessons  per week

ACTIVE course

20*45 min.  


EXAM course

26*45 min.


The youth courses are also a minimum of one week. The standard length is 3 to 4 weeks in the summer or 2 weeks otherwise, but any duration is possible. Arrival is on the Sunday before the course starts. Accommodation is in a nice single room with full-board in the house of the family.

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