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Locations of our home tuition teachers


The locations of the teachers’ houses are in four selected historical cities in Germany:

  • Bamberg – middle-sized city in Northern Bavaria
  • Forchheim – small city in Northern Bavaria
  • Cologne – big city in Northrheinwestalia (in NRW) in the West of Germany
  • Augsburg – big city in Southern Bavaria
  • Tiefenellern – village in the countryside of Franconian Switzerland

What do all  cities have in common?– People like to celebrate and to go out. You go outside a lot, for walks, for bike rides, for a coffee or you just sit on the benches together and watch the people. In spring and summer, you will always find a beer or wine festival somewhere with local specialties and music. The cities are save and you can do almost everything on foot or use a working train or bus system. The infrastructure and the connection to larger cities such as Nuremberg, Munich and Berlin from Bamberg/Forchheim/Tiefenellern are excellent. You will not need more than 1 to 2.5 hours. If you are placed in Cologne, you will be in Bonn or Düsseldorf in 30 minutes.

Bamberg, Blick über die Stadt nach Westen

Bamberg, view over the city to the west

Location Bamberg

Bamberg – a unique baroque city and UNESCO World Heritage site, criss-crossed by canals and the Regnitz river, spanned by numerous large and small bridges. The lifestyle is Mediterranean and Bavarian. There is an incomparable atmosphere in the lively university town with its many street cafes, restaurants and cozy beer gardens and breweries. The quality of life and the attitude towards life here are simply wonderful. Anyone who has been here once just wants to come back. You can get a very nice comprehensive impression of the city on the tourisme information of the city council and Gobamberg.de/geschichte-bamberg/ (page in German)

Highlights of Bamberg 
Your teachers in Bamberg are all knowledgeable about history, so you can look forward to an eventful tour through the city now. If you want a certain focus on the tour, you can also choose from 15 official tour operators, from the beer tasting tour to the Happy Segway tour. The most famous sights are: The old town hall, the cathedral, the residence, the monastery Michael, Little Venice and the Altenburg. There are 10 other large churches worth seeing (over 30 in total) and over 3000 buildings, which are also part of the Unesco World Heritage. Bamberg has had the world heritage title since 1993. You will find fotos on this website www.bamberg.info/weltkulturerbe/
Classical concerts. Be  a guest in the new concert hall, home of the Bavarian Philharmonic Boradcasting Orchestra , known as the Bamberger Symphoniker. This orchestra is among the 10 best orchestras in the world, rank 6. It was founded in 1946 by musicians, many of them from the German Philharmonic orchestera in  Prag. If you are in town, do not miss out to hear them.

Family breweries: We are happy to host 13 family-run breweries in Bamberg and another 300 in the surrounding. Our region in Northern Bavaria (Oberfranken) holds the record with the highest density of breweries in the world. Beergarden to us is a joy and a tradition. We usually walk or bicycle there, meet family and friends , socialise and just have a good time. Enjoy with us, the local beer, the food offered and the relaxed and vivid atmosphere. Just on a note. If are not into beer, you will find your beverage there, too.

Swimming and Wellness: If you love water, then look forward to 3 outdoor pools, a river bath and a modern indoor pool, with a huge sauna landscape. And if you want to wellness, then you can do so at “Obermaintherme” in the town of Staffelstein.

Basketball and concerts: The Brose Arena is the place to be. High-class basketball and rock concerts. Bamberger BROSE BASKETS have been the German champion for many times. Their fans are known as the craziest and most dedicated ones. If you are interested, we will be happy to book you a ticket.

Art: The International House of Artists – Villa Concordia is a cultural institution founded by the Bavarian State to promote the arts and the cultural life in Bamberg and the region. A variety of about 80 cultural events are open to the public throughout the year and usually for free. The location in the old town right at the river Regnitz is stunning and the more, if the House opens its garden to the public.

University: The Otto-Friedrich-Universtität hosts 14.000 students. The fields of studies are Cultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Economics and Applied Computer Sciences. There is one small campus but most of the university buiildings (about 40) are evenly spread over the town. That means, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and cultural events are all over town.

Economy: Bamberg is part of the European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg and the largest business centre in Upper Franconia. Its commuter belt of more than 350.000 people produces both economic and cultural vitality. Innovative business centres are in the field of health and lightening (RZB) as well as in the fiel of compete installation for breweries [Caspar Schulz]. Advanced technology is found in the automotive sector, R&D of fuel by Bosch, e-payment software by Computop  and online shopping systems by Raktuen. Traditional businesses are bookbinders such as Buchner and Bamberger Kaliko (encyclopaedia by Hundertwasser and the Brockhaus), as well as the violin makers Dreysse and the world leader in malt production Weyermann to name a few.

Theatre: The theatre scene in Bamberg and in the countryside is colourful and diverse. More then 10 stage in Bamberg alone, ranging from the unique shadow theatre in an old chapel, to the puppet theatre, the children theatre, the university theatre up to to the large stage of the ETA Hoffmann Theater.

Tourism – the old town of Bamberg brings its unique history to life. A town with a historical division into Bergstadt (hilly town) with its churches, monasteries, residences and beer gardens. The Inselstadt (island center) with its mills, signs of bourgeois lifestyle, university aulas and small shopping places. The Gärtnerstadt (local gardening) with its urban landscaping that can be visited and that still sells its local products on the fruit and vegetable market in the city center. Stroll around, relax in the World Heritage Site either in the cosy streets in the old town or up on of the 7 hills often crowned by a beer garden or a coffee house.

Forchheim, Kammerers Mühle -  Schiefes Haus

Forchheim, Kammerers Mühle – Schiefes Haus

Location Forchheim


Forchheim – a picturesque small town at the entrance to the wildly romantic area called Franconian Switzerland. If you appreciate small-town life, but still don’t want to miss out on the benefits of bigger cities like Nuremberg in 25 minutes or Bamberg in 15 minutes by train, then this is the right place to be.

In the small town people enjoy to be out on the street, they love to populate the street and of course the small beer gardens. Historical highlights are – the Kaiserpfalz, the town hall, the Kammerersmühle, the salt magazine, the fish boxes, the Porta Vorchheimensis and of course the Kellerwald with its many beer gardens. For further sights worth seeing, please have a look here 

The surroundings of Forchheim ist stunning and unique. Franconian Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations in Franconia. You can go for hiking, climbing, bouldering, canoeing, mountain biking and picknicking and walking. Children and adults explore caves, swim in the natural ponds and return hungry to the many cosy inns and beer gardens.

It is an impressive piece of nature,  full of castles and ruins that stand on the spurs. They ruin towers over the narrow valleys tell of a time of knights and margraves  Rivulets meander through the meadows below. If you are a fisherman, Forchheim and its backyard are the perfect location. Trout and char are only eaten fresh in this region.>>> a few Impressions

Cologne | photo by Timo A from Pexels

Cologne – view to the cathedral

Location Cologne


Cologne – Cologne is home of the world-famous cathedral with its two striking towers and an host of the fifth season – the carnival! With just over a million inhabitants, it is the fourth largest city in Germany. Founded by the Romans over 2,000 years ago, Cologne is located in western Germany on the river Rhine and is the cultural center of its region. Today, Cologne is a huge meeting point for a wide variety of trends in music, culture, art, partying, sports and the media. It is a colourful, cosmopolitan, flashy and modern city being who is proud of its Roman heritage and traditions. A great place to be to immerse into the “Rheinische Lebensfreude” – the joyful art of life of the people living on the River Rhein. Join in! .

Augsburg - Blick auf das Rathaus

Augsburg – view of the townhall
(Photo of Thomas Schwarz at Pixabay)

Location Augsburg


Augsburg with a population of about 300,000 is located between the Rivers Lech and Wertach, and looks back on a 2,000-year history. The city was founded by the Romans, and is associated with many important historical figures – Fugger, Holbein, Mozart, Brecht and Diesel, to name but a few. Water has always played an important role in Augsburg, and in 2019 the Augsburg Water Management System gained World Cultural Heritage status. Augsburg’s historic centre with its innumerable canals, small bridges and lanes attracts visitors from near and far. The Maximilianstraße, a splendid Renaissance thoroughfare between the cathedral and St. Afra and Ulrich Church, as well as the City Hall and the Fuggerei (the oldest social settlement in the world) all bear witness to Augsburg’s heritage of trade, influence and affluence. The State Theatre, the world-famous Puppenkiste (puppet theatre) and the city’s museums all provide for a unique, varied cultural landscape. The city’s many parks and gardens, the extensive forest to the south and the nature reserve to the west provide additional opportunities for a range of leisure activities, including hiking, canoeing and cycling. On clear days you can even see the German Alps!

Fränkische Schweiz | Kletterfelsen | Pottenstein | |

“Rock towers” – landmarks of Franconian Switzerland

Location Tiefenellern / Franconian Switzerland

Tiefenellern – Tiefenellern is a village with about 300 inhabitants, located 20ks east of Bamberg on the Western edge of the very popular hiking area Franconian Switzerland.
Located at the end of an idyllic valley called “Ellertal”, it is praised to be the Franconian Tuscany.
Most of the villages in this surrounding are home to family-run breweries, who pamper hikers and cyclists with their own beer and local specialties.
In Tiefenellern, the beer garden of the family Hönig is the attractive goal for locals and tourists alike.

The nearby Virgin Cave, a Stone Age cult site in the forest, is well known to archaeologists. And for those who are more into nowadays art, they will find modern landscape art spread around the area.

A small place for sure, still, it offers plenty to people from all walks of life.

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