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SIgns during a bicycle tour around Staffelberg in Franconia / Germany

Wohin des Weges?


Learning languages networked – cooperation in the field of education Languages live through networking. Here you will find important resources for learning German, our partners and other offers from TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE.

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Our teaching offers at a glance

  • German Home Tuition – Living and learning in the home of your language teacher: Learn-German-Home-Tuition.comexterner Link zu einer Seite
  • Learn English Online with us: Englisch via Skype.comexterner Link zu einer Seite – our offer of English courses 1-to-1 with native teachers from England, Ireland, USA, Canada and South Africa.
  • Language courses all over the world: Private-Language-Schools.comexterner Link zu einer Seite – our partner schools with best recommendations

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Please write to us if you know of any other good materials that you would like to recommend.


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