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On the Home Tuition Program, young people between the ages of 14 and 17 learn and live in their teacher’s family home. While the chief emphasis is on making significant progress in German, students will also gain an overview of typical everyday life as a member of a German family and have a lot of fun.

The language courses for young people take place throughout the year. Courses start almost every Monday. As many young people want to come in July and early August, we recommend you book early for these months. Read More

Which course? How long?

Two courses are currently available. Considering the length of a course in relation to the learning success and the time away from home, 3 weeks have proven to be ideal.

Courses Lenth of course
1 Active Course 1, 2, 3 (recommended) or more weeks
2 Exam Course  1, 2, 3 (recommended) or more weeks

In the active language course, students will have one-to-one lessons in the mornings. The course includes 20*45 minutes of private tuition per week plus practical language sessions at all meals and up to 6 activities per week. If you are looking for a good balance between learning and leisure, we would recommend this language course. 

In the exam course, one-to-one lessons also take place in the mornings and also three times a week in the afternoons. The course includes 26*45 minutes of private tuition per week plus practical sessions at all meals. If the lessons are more geared towards preparing for a telc, Goethe or the Matura exam, then you should book this course. There will still be time for 4 activities per week.

If you select a course on the enrolment form for your child, only two points need to be decided: Which course and for how long. You will find a detailed weekly schedule if you click on Active course and Exam course.

1-to-1 lessons

On the Home Tuition Program all lessons are one-to-one lessons with a private teacher. For many young people, it may be the first time working alone with a teacher over a longer time period. While they may feel a little uncomfortable at first, they will soon gain confidence and experience many ‘aha’ effects. Suddenly things that they have never understood become clear –  they receive explanations as often as they need them. For many young learners, this is a liberating experience.

As all lessons are one-to-one, the course material is put together especially for the individual. This can include material your child has worked with at school. It is often a good idea to prepare for the course in Germany beforehand. We therefore offer German 1-to-1 lessons online via Skype, enabling your child to meet their teacher before going to stay with them. Moreover, the teacher is able to gain a clear idea exactly what your child needs to practise during their home tuition program. Of course there is also the possibility to extend the lessons after the home tuition program with additional German lessons via Skype.

Teacher house

Our teachers are all from middle class families and, in most cases, their children have already left home, so your child will have plenty of space and room. We are personally familiar with all teachers’ houses and visit them repeatedly. 

When it comes to the summer courses, we make sure that at least two young learners live and study in a teacher’s house. That way no teenager will find himself/herself  alone with an adult during in his/her long summer break. Although there is more than one learner in the house, each will still receive individual lessons in separate rooms. They will then come together again for meals and during free time, which usually results in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere. The teacher and the family members will make sure that German is spoken all of the time. Experience has shown that students, too, encourage each other to stick to German.  Read More


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